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Macromates TextMate Even More Useful

So, I’ve been using TextMate ( on the Mac for quite a while now and I am continually amazed at the depth of this editor. In fact, this post was created and posted using TextMate.

Windows people don’t despair – there is a compatible editor for you called ‘E Text Editor’ ( and it supports many/most of the TextMate functionality.

Most recently I’ve started doing some ColdFusion coding using the CFTextMate 3.0 bundle ( and I’ve been blown away by the speed and performance of this editor over Eclipse (with CFEclipse).

One thing I noticed with CF is that the # isn’t on the list of “Typing Pairs” – the feature that lets you type in one # character and have the editor “autocomplete” the wrapping (i.e. #variable#).

It was SIMPLE to add that, I just went into the Bundle Editor and selected the SOURCE bundle and added ( ‘#’, ‘#’ ) into the ‘smartTypingPairs’ list – make sure you add an appropriate comma wherever you add your new entry. I’m sure there is some way to edit the CF bundle to support this – but really, this solved the problem quickly and easily.

I’ll keep adding to this post as I document the more useful “getting started” things

Some quick tips –
APPLE + ‘/’ – is the default comment (line)
SHIFT + CRTL + ‘B’ – creates a nice comment banner
SHIFT + CRTL + < = Inserts an “open/close” using the current word that is to the left of the cursor